Offset Carbon Emissions with EoL's Whole System Carbon Credits

High Quality, High Integrity Carbon Credits that sequester carbon while improving biodiversity, soil & human health, food & water security and the socio-economic conditions of smallholder farmers.

Carbon Offsets you Can Trust

Transparent, third party-validated and verified projects and a detailed registry introducing the farmers behind the projects give your company regenerative investment stories you can trust in and share with your network.

High Integrity Carbon Credits
that Drive Systemic Impact

The EoL Whole System Carbon Credits rely on multiple methods to sequester carbon: regenerative, organic & biodynamic agricultural approaches, shade & wind-breaking afforestation projects, supporting farmers to avoid methane and CO2 emissions through compost production, and the implementation of renewable energy.

Soil Carbon Sequestration

1 acre = 1.6 tons CO2 per year


1 kilowatt capacity = 1.35 ton CO2 per year


1 t compost = 0.6 tons CO2 per year

Shade Tree

1 tree = 0.03 ton CO2 per year

Beyond Carbon: High Socio-Economic Standards

Beyond carbon sequestration, EoL accredited farms meet internationally recognized criteria across four sectors: environment, culture, economy & society.


  • Providing data to conduct full cost accounting.
  • Establishing solidarity agreement between stakeholders.
  • Providing wages that allow for a decent standard of living.
  • Environment

  • Regenerative approach sequesters carbon
  • Implementing sustainable water and waste management systems.
  • Following biodynamic, organic production & processing standards.
  • Society

  • Providing fair and dignified working conditions.
  • Providing employees with health & social insurance.
  • Engaging with stakeholders through round tables.
  • Culture

  • Managers receive training to create space for cultural events.
  • Conducting regular creative activities with employees.
  • Respecting the local traditions/culture of the employees.
  • Why Companies Need the Carbon Market

    Companies that do business in Europe are now under regulations that will require them to demonstrate progress toward net zero greenhouse gas emissions. The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires that companies document how they account for emissions reductions or offset their remaining emissions. The State of California now requires companies to report on scope one, two and three emissions. Other regulatory bodies are following suit. Even if you are not required to report, customers increasingly demand higher ESG standards from companies. There are many ways to demonstrate climate responsibility, but among these some options are clearly superior.
    EoL Whole System Carbon Credit investments enable companies to buy carbon credits with full transparency and confidence that their offsets reliably sequester carbon as they lift smallholder farmers from poverty.

    Market-based Solution
    for Regional Development

    The EoL program presents a market based solution to solving the climate crisis and supporting farmers’ livelihoods. EoL shifts away from highly subsidized and large emission operations, towards a model in which small holder farmers become financially independent and food secure, while achieving game changing, climate positive results.

    The EoL carbon credit program was first launched at COP 27 under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, supported by UNDP Egypt. In addition to working with independent, third-party validation and verification bodies to ensure international integrity and quality, EoL has a positive regional and systemic impact on issues such as:

    • Improved socio-economic conditions for farmers
    • Empowerment of women
    • Regional economic development
    • Biodiversity improvement

    Tell the Stories, Connect with Community

    With EoL’s fully transparent credit registry & educational media resources, you can learn about the individual projects you support, or even visit EoL community sites.

    Check out the EoL registry.

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    Tons Carbon Sequestered

    by 2025

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    Farmers Transitioned

    To regenerative farming by 2025

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    Acres Transitioned

    To regenerative agriculture by 2025

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    Tons of Compost

    by 2025

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    Why EoL Whole System Carbon Credits shift the needle

    NOW Partners Foundation Markets Whole System Carbon Credits Around the World

    NOW is a global partnership of 100+ partners around the world specializing in regenerative business models & regenerative value creation.

    NOW is proud to endorse EoL Whole System Carbon Credits as a verified and validated way to support global companies to invest in regenerative solutions to offset unavoidable carbon emissions as they transition to models of what we call ‘Regenerative Value Creation,’ in which business success and regeneration of people & planet are mutually reinforcing.

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